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Our Mission

To help our planet one little wipe at a time! By encouraging our customers to reuse their as many times as they can before throwing it away. We believe that one persons good habits really can make a difference!

About Us

Ekko International Pty Ltd:

Is an Australian Company based in Queensland. We began field and market trials in Jan 2007 expanding to 60 distributors nationally with agents in New Zealand, India, Columbia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Canada, the United States the UK and South America. We attribute our strong growth to the environmental and ethical dedication of our distributors’ agents and customers to help us meet our ultimate goal; to reduce urban waste and manage our cotton resource wisely.

Ekko International is an Environmental Company:

Our goals are to Reduce landfill waste and manage our cotton resources via the education of ekko users as to the value as cotton when it is left as a fibre rather than turned into a woven fabric.  Ekkos are made using a non-woven/ compression process not a spun and woven process which produces cloth. When left as a fibre the ekko cotton has greater versatility and offers a chemical free option for cleaning, medical, and cooking purposes. Other cloths that are fabric require washing in a machine with detergent, as a fibre cloth ekkos rinse clean with just fresh water, everything rinses out, blood, bacon fat, ladies make up including mascara, cigarette ash, baby urine, onion, garlic and seafood smells. 

Our Product:  

Ekko Magic Wipes are hygienic and earth friendly multipurpose cloths. Made using a non-woven process from 100% compressed cotton. Ekkos are lint; chemical and preservative free making them safe for the most sensitive skin while being strong enough to clean windows with just water.  Ekkos naturally self compost in the ground in a maximum 14 weeks.

What makes us different?

Anyone can sell a product as a throw away novelty while pretending to be “environmental”It is our dedication to the environment and or ongoing efforts to clean up our planet one household at a time that has set Ekko apart from the rest. Ekkos are bigger and thicker than our competitors Ekkos are pure cotton fibre while many of our competitors are using unproven cellulose fibers often blended with synthetic polymers and wood as in rayon and viscose. It is one thing to say you’re environmental it is another to prove it. At Ekko we prove it every day through our ongoing research which is adding more and more proven uses and re-uses to our list. Through honest communication with our customers we are breaking down old mind sets and helping people around the world turn to our green practices not because they are dedicated environmentalist but because they have proved to themselves when they use ekkos they SAVE TIME MONEY AND EFFORT,  ekkos make it easy to be green without even thinking about the environment.

Environmental Considerations:

Ekkos are pure cotton fibre this is what makes them so good and so versatile.

Ekkos will revert back to their fibre state but are still very useable.

Ekko pure cotton fibre does not wear out, decay, degrade or deteriorate until it is back in the dirt, it only takes a maximum of 14 weeks to go back to the earth.

Ekkos are not restricted to one type of use like other wipes and cloths.

Ekkos can be used and re-used for many purposes; Medical uses, Cooking and preserving food, chemical free cleaning with just ekko and water of all surfaces in your home, your car, motorbike, at work, computers TV, microscope lenses, camera lenses etc. Our product is pure cotton fibre able to be used and re-used many ways. Promoting the versatility and re-usability of ekkos ensures we are doing everything we can to meet our environmental goals and further ensures  ekko users know how to get the maximum value from their ekkos which is why they are dedicated to our brand.

Product Safety and Storage:

Ekkos pose no apparent or implied safety issues to Adults or children. It is recommended that ekkos not be placed in the mouth whilst in their compressed state as they do not taste nice and are very drying to the mouth. Ekkos should be stored in a dry cool place.

Ekko Specifications:

Ekkos’ are created using patented technology.         

50gsm non-woven cotton fiber

Compression to 1cm x 2cm

Wet open to 24cm x 25cm


SGS Safety:  analyses were performed on samples of the finished market ready product. SGS Chemical:  analyses were performed on samples of the finished market ready product.Our Factory currently produces 600,000pc daily with a plan in place for further expansion to meet market demands.

Ekko Packaging:

Ekko packaging is re-sealable with Zipper lock and re-useable: it makes a good storage bag for small items and a good waterproof sandwich bag for fisherman.




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